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Welcome to my guestbook. Thank you so much for stopping by and dropping me a note. God bless! To leave a comment click on the picture that says Sign Guestbook.
Donald Parker

Thanks for the add on and I will be checking out the books
Barbara Wilson

We just became friends on facebook today. I had to check out your site. I am so interested in reading some of these books. Can't wait to read the angels one. I have heard of it before. Blessings. Lora
Lora (Patriots Rule)

Don, I am enjoyng the book I bought. I would like to purchase another one. Hugs, Teri
Teresa Shortess

Coool site, greate design!

Just ordered "Angels of I-29." Can't wait for the arrival! Please keep writing.
Ruth Bartlett

Hi bro, Preeety Coool. your own website. also you have written more books that i didn't know about. keep it up. your books are good
Sally Herbert

Donald, All of your books are interesting. They all look like good reads. I just can not decide which one I want to read first!

thanks for writing the Bulldog conpact, it brought back merories of my days at MHS. Class of 71!
Randy Rook

Hello Donald, I like the titles of your books.
Gina McGowan Cade

I bless the LORD for you becoming my friend on ETA. When I went to investigate you I began to laugh because just today I began a book called THE LAYAWAY PLAN. When I finish I know to to tap into for expert assistance in an arena I have never gone before. We know that God supplies all our needs. God bless
Advocate-Pastor Heloise Sulyans-Gibson:Chaplain

Nice! I think i will use it. Thanks!

impressive site and credits....
Rachel Brower

Very impressed with your books, and thier values. Also with your website. Give me time an I'll place an order! Katie G.

Dear Donald, I am Dennis Saufleys great nephew and I got Reforming the Potter's Clay for an early birthday preasant. I thought it was the best book i ever read. It was funny, sad, and adveturus. Are you going to make a seqale.
Hayden Long

Nice well themed series of books. Do look forward to finding & reading Angels on Interstate 29. Hmmm.
Fenixbird SandS (Teresa)

Wonderful website. We need more books like yours. I could not surveive without my faith in Jesus Christ. Great work and I can't wait to read the books.
Kristie Smith

Hi, Donald! Remember me from Shelfari? Well, here I am, visiting your website...and I like it VERY MUCH! I'm AMAZED that you're offering all these eBooks for FREE! How cool is that? I have already started reading "Reforming the Potter's Clay" (one of the free eBooks)and I just LOVE it! I think I'll just thoroughly enjoy myself and read one right after the other! (Is it ok with you, Donald?) I pray that the Lord will bless you, your writing, and whatever you endeavor to do. He obviously has great plans for you and you have a wonderful ministry already started. God Bless You and Your Family, Donald! In His Love, Cynde L. Hammond
Cynde L. Hammond

have a great day.
burutolu augustine

I read the first part of the Voices book. Good job, and congrats on the publishing.
Kirk White

This is soooo exciting Don! Congratulations! I know God has great things in store for this new endeavor! I will watch with interest as you grow and flourish. Robin Shope
robin shope

just passing by.

Hi Don and Blessings! Thanks for sending me your website. I look forward to surfing through it in the days ahead. My prayers are with you for wisdom, favor and strength! Much love, Steve :)
Steve Capatch

very good, it's nice to find something on the Internet bestrides, crime sex and violence. May we all turn our faces upward and look forward to His return. Don Helling
Don Helling

I first heard from you at You had asked to be my friend and I responded. That also is where I found your web address. Your site looks interesting.....may our heavenly Father continue to bless you and yours
Noreen Moyer

Hi Donald, I am checking out your site. It is interesting thus far. I will see you on the pages of Shelfari.

Hi Donald: I love to read your writing. It flows very well. Thanks for adding me on theChristianPulse! Carolyn
Carolyn Ward

Merry Christmas and Happy New year. Thanks for the update See you in August 2008. I will pass this on to the class mates Bev
Bev Mader

The Internet can be such a complex thing, you can find the love that God has placed in our hearts or the raunchiest humanistic trash. I love poetry, especially poetry that rhymes, carries a suitable message...but then what do I know, I am a dinosaur. Thanks for some wholesome reading. Arthur
Arthur g. Finch

On my way to the bookstore today. Back from vacation (shelfari member) and going to get your book as well as Samuel Morris.

I really think that "All the voices in the wind" sounds like it would be a very interesting book to read!
Brenda Foster

saw your post on the AFCW Loop that you are giving away a book this month. Please enter my name to win the book. It looks good. Thanks Nora
Nora St.,laurent


Your book sounds really good. I would like to read it one day. Good luck!
Tamelia Tumlin

Mr. Parker if you will email me your contact address, I'll send you info on the November independent author sale at the Meeker Mansion. We'd love to have you join us. Ruth
Ruth Anderson

I've enjoyed reading this series of novels by Donald James Parker. They are delightful in the character development and inspiring for the message they provide to teens and adults alike. Great reading!
Cheri Jalbert

Divine Inspiration is the key which opens all doors.
Ronnie Mello

Hi Don, gee, your site looks great! I need to get busy and fix mine. I left one entry...a year ago. :>) Count me in on the draw for your book. Robin
Robin Shope

Best wishes on your book, Don.
Peg Phifer

Hey, Don! Don't know if I ever signed your guestbook or not, but I finally got far enough through my emails to see your message. I hope you got plenty of activity! Blessings with the book! Trish
Trish Perry

Thanks for hosting the drawing and good luck with the radio show. Are you a fellow Marylander???
Robin Bayne

Got to your website by visiting Outskirts Press. Hope you've sold your first mil by now. Love that you are writing Christian stuff. I am '62 HS grad and 82 college grad. Good Luck!

Nice site Don! I'm a member of acfw and the bookclub
Linda Mae Baldwin

Hey Don, Congrats on the book. I'm looking forward to reading it. Awesome accomplishment.
Brian Redpath

Hi Donald! I visited your site before and honestly thought I had left a message. I'm always open for a chance to win a free book. BUt, apparently, my age and schedule are catching up to me and I forgot to actually leave the message. Sounds like a great book. One I can share with my teenage daughter. Good luck!
Michelle D. Rodgers

Hi from ACFW loop! I like the site, very easy to navigate.

Well, Don. You got my attention with "Sleepless". Actually, I did see your previous baby announcement, and although it was quite witty (I really liked it, BTW), I guess it wasn't enough to spark my interest. Now SLEEPLESS, that was a powerful introduction and - well - here I am! You may get more response from this one. Anyway, I graduated high school in '67, got married the following month, became a mother in '68, never went to college, worked 37 years for the gov't and retired - whoopee! - at 55 after working the last 13 years as a program analyst in software development. I've had a home-based business for 11 years. I'm a Creative Memories consultant. I teach people the importance of capturing their lives and memories in safe memory albums (most people call that scrapbooking, but it is so much more). We teach them to tell the stories, not just decorate the pages. I've been married for 13 years to my dh, no children together, but our blended family consists of 7 children, 14 grands, and 2 great-grands. (Yes, I'm probably the same age as you are since I graduated at 17). I became a believer at 41 and my love for Him grows daily. I came through many hard times in my life, but He is now using all those experiences for His glory All that said, I'm sure I'll read your series just because it is so different from the genre I enjoy. I love historical fiction - mainly because history in high school was so dry I didn't enjoy it. Now I feel I'm getting somewhat educated in that area. LOL The other reason is that, of all the children, grands and greats, only one son has a personal walk with the Lord. I have another son who accepted Christ in a crisis, so I believe I will see him in heaven, but he has no relationship. The rest are still lost with no desire (yet) to seek Him. So, they are probably still hung up on Darwin. Quite an opportunity for prayer! Probably TMI, but wanted to introduce myself. If you think of me, pray for my first manuscript. After retirement, I suddenly took an interest in reading. While I was an analyst, I read, proofread, sorted through thousands of logic situations writing structured English and testing out source code; writing, proofing, and rewriting for our web site. So I thought I'd never want to read another thing as long as I lived! But, alas, I now love to read as long as I don't have to study, analyze or dissect it. And for some totally unexplained reason, I now feel like I need to write! Whatever has gotten into me is beyond anything I care to even think about. So I'll try this out and see how it goes. If I ever get published, I already have an idea for a sequel. ROFLOL So, I hope you enjoy my comments, and I look forward to getting copies of your books to devour, as that is now how I read - which amazes even me to no end! God bless. I truly hope and pray that your books are a monumental success and that they touch the hearts of readers, especially those who have embraced Darwinism. Thank you for finding an avenue to open the eyes of young readers to the Truth.
Kay Clark

I'd love to register for a copy of All the Voices for the Wind. Thanks!
Cyndy Salzmann

Thanks for letting us know about your book. I would love to win a copy of your book.

I just read your comment on the AFCW book club site. I had the privledge of going to the Christy Awards this past week. I was with Novel Journey blog site. We were able to interview the winners. We interviewed DeeAnne Gist who won a Christy for her second book "The Measure of a Lady". We asked her is there pressure to do better or work harder to write the next book. She said that "God has called me to write what I have. It is up to Him to do with it what He will". So, true. I have found that true in my life as well. God is more creative than we can ever imagine. I would love to read your book. I run three book clubs so I'm always looking for good live changing Christian Fiction. I also give books away. Contact with novel Journey for an interview about your book. They get 9 thousand hits a month. check them out Nora
nora Stlaurent

would love to win a copy of your book, thanks for the opportunity!