Ty Bounds, a workaholic computer programmer for 35 years, has retired. No longer forced to work for a living, he seeks how he can spend his time serving God. Following the lead of the Holy Spirit, he returns to college to wage war against secular humanism and to mentor a new generation in truth seeking.

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Directed by Chip Rossetti of Rossetti Productions

Cast Members
Rusty Martin Jr. as Brad Hanson
Carol Anderson as Professor Tucker
Kaitlin Borst as Michaela Morris
Chris Palmer as Josiah Morris
Kera O'Bryon as Barbara Carter
Courtney Lee Simpson as Stephanie Carter
James Borst as Bobby
Donald James Parker as Gramps/Ty Bounds
Michael Scifo as Chess Player
Grant Mitchell as Computer guy/party leader
Jared Lovette as Computer guy 2
Samuuel Chase Purkey as Jace
Ricky Sykes as Mosquito
Donna Botts as Dorm Mother
Vince Walton as the referee
Timothy Paul Taylor as Ted
Josh Boles as Jerry
Joshua Pierson as Tom
Abby Cate as college girl
Maranda Vandergriff as college girl
Elisa Vandergriff as college girl
Adra Cooper as college girl

Amy Backstrom as the nurse

Photos from the shoot