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An American Prophet and His Message by Michael Bresciani An American Prophet… tells the story of God calling one man from a high-speed race in the opposite direction. This biblically based treatment comes in an unusual format, with an even more unusual message. Designed as a three-part presentation, the book’s first part outlines the amazing conversion of the author and the subsequent callings of God on his life. God’s call on Rev. Bresciani’s life shows that as an American prophet he is not just another self-appointed Second Coming buff. The second part issues a special message to America, a revelation Rev. Bresciani received about America's near future and what we can expect to happen to our nation. The third contains a clear and concise FAQ section researched for more than thirty years. The answers are all based on scriptural evidence, good exegesis, and some marvelous common sense
The Bulldog Compact by Donald James Parker Book 1 of the Masterson Family Series - There seem to be four inevitable things about Madison, South Dakota: The winters are cold, the summers are hot, the wind never ceases, and the Bulldogs always field a losing basketball team. Lance Masterson, who is known to his peers by the nickname of Bambi, can't do anything about the weather, but he decides he can do something about the basketball program. Though only an eighth grader, he drafts a document dubbed The Bulldog Compact in which the signers pledge to give do everything they can to win the state basketball championship. The mission they chose to accept is to train their bodies, minds, and spirits to make a heroic attempt at conquering the summit of South Dakota basketball. Bambi and his friends come of age as they find it is easier to sign on the dotted line than to pour out the blood, sweat, and tears needed to reach their goal. They discover that not only do they have to overcome the bigger schools of the class A ranks but also have to battle themselves and the naysayers of their own community in order to hang onto their dream.
Who Sees by Rose Jamieson This is a short novel of Rosie’s testimony, which not only highlights God’s faithfulness again but provides evidence that there are true prophets of God today. She attempted to write it in a way that it is evangelical. Despite being a Christian, she endured severe domestic violence and a chronic hidden illness. As a result, hidden secular weaknesses and agendas in those two areas have been exposed and battled as a result of her paving the way for others suffering family violence in her native Australia. The encounter with the Family Court proved to be enlightening, to say the least. The closeness of Jesus was precious through the worst of her ordeals as Rosie discovered that nothing can keep a person broken when God is on the scene. The paperback is available for purchase at this link
Turning the Tide for a New Generation by Deborah Bradberry Solomon Deborah, a former US senatorial candidate, wrote this book discussing what has shaped and influenced her views of the world. Perhaps you may relate to some of the stories she shares. She also writes about some suspicious deaths that have taken place the more she got involved making her views public. She is an optimist by nature and believes most people just need to be encouraged to bring out the best in them. In doing that we will find that there are many heroic and honorable people living all around us. It seems common sense to Deborah that the strategies mentioned in this book could be implemented in the culture and utilized by any political party. Her desire is to see this book help turn the Tide for the next generation! Check out her website at

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