After 20 years of praying for his daughter to let him back into her life, 65-year-old Ty gets his wish when the prodigal requests his help in dealing with a financial bind and her rebellious teenage son. Ty’s first encounter with his grandson, whom the grandfather has never met, leads to a challenge for a two mile race that alters the course of life of the young man as well as the grandfather.

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Directed by Chip Rossetti of Rossetti Productions

Cast Members
Francine Locke as Amy Douglas
Andrew Wilson Williams as Scott Douglas
Brittany Blades as Sally Douglas
Jeff Rose as Coach Carlson
Grace Etzkorn as Chelsey Carlson
Ryan Patrick Williams as Duke Snyder
Greg Robbins as Andy Douglas
Donald James Parker as Gramps
Greyson Turner as TJ
Gavin Martion as Adam
Keegan Martion as Troy
Denny Brownlee as Peter
Tony Caudill as College recruiter
Donna Botts as 5K Announcer
Sherri Killam-Williams as Grocer
Timothy Paul Taylor as Banker

Photos from the shoot