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Welcome to our guestbook. Thanks for stopping by! God bless!
The Management

Hi ! My name is Eugen ; I am living in France ; I am by origin Romanian ; I am evangelicalChristian . I wrote a book about God ' s wonderful love . I am trying to find out a publisher . Can you help me please on this sense , with the suggestions , counsel , about the book market etc ; You can see the book on E-book format at ; Thank you very much . Have a blessed day ! Eugen
Eugen Pop

Saw the article on

I have read your books and love all of them. I have just started writing as a hobby and am looking into eventually publishing what i am writing. also, my mom is writing a book and is wanting to publish it. Do you have any ideas for us? Please email me back.
beth boncher

I will definitely be back to download some of these books. Thanks for the invitation, James!

I am in awe of the amount of work,the quantity and the quality of the writing you have managed to handle by yourself. This is the work of a small army. You are a soldier of God to be sure, David Brown
David Brown

I'm lost again. Thank you once more Donald for the awesome opportunity. You have blessed more than me through your knowledge. Ms. "V"
Ms. "V" Victoria Thomas Poller

Hi Don, Great website, I’m excited to see what the Lord will produce through your ministry. May God continue to bless and keep you, ...Shajuana Ross
Shajuana Ross

Thank you for having this website where the truth of God can get to the people of the world. May God continue to bless you more each day. Gayle
Gayle Walker

Thank you! Great Creative
Michelle Renee

I just found your ebooks and downloaded them all. I look forward to reading them & sharing them with my son who is currently a Madison Bulldog!!!!!Thank you for allowing free downloads.

Can you tell me about SOS. Is this POD. Digital reproduction.
James Warren

Hope this works out!
S G Young

I Like your site very much and what you have written. Keep up the good fight of faith using the weapons and gifts the Great Giver, Has given you! Praise and glory to Jesus Christ! John 3:16 Psalm 121 Shalom!


Donald wow what great writing what I read amazing and attention grabbing. I have downloaded the story liked thanks for the site. I look forward to chatting more on Facebook keep your good writing up. It is amazing what one can achieve when we put our minds to our goals.
Stephanie Narayan

Blessings on your new venture. Col. 3:21 :)
Julie Carobini

Have you ever read John Grainger's book Finding God in Harry Potter???? I think you would enjoy it if you haven't already read it.

It is so good to learn about a new Christian Publishing Company. I will look forward to your updates. I pray that you will be able to accept submissions soon. God bless, Opal
Opal Dalton

Hi, thank you so much for the friend's request on shoutlife. :) I know you said on your web site you are not taking submissions at this time..but I am walking out on the water here and asking you if you would be interested in Ed? Who is Ed? Well Ed is an angel from God and is on a big mission from God also. Take a look around my web sites at WWW.TLMOOREBOOKS.COM & WWW.MYSPACE.COM/TLMOORE & WWW.MYSPACE.COM/EDONMYSHOULDER I am looking for a publisher to pick up on book two of the series. I have always said Ed would be bigger than Harry Potter someday. :) With a much better message to share with the world. God bless you always. Terri
Terri Moore

Dear Brother Don: You have launched a lofty project here; I would be happy to become a member and help any way I can. I like the part where you state you do not want any "fluff" feel good material, but writings that challenge Christians to deal with the reality of what the Gospel truly requires. When you are ready, I can email you both books I have written, as well as several glowing revies. To learn a little more about me, please visit my web site at :
Joe Ortiz

How refreshing to find a publishing group that is interested in good stories that tell the truth and bring down the gates of hell. God bless your endeavors.
Michelle Gregory

nice...I love the new site.
Pam Kumpe

Well, good luck to you in your endeavor which a mutual friend told me to visit. First impressions might help?? It's hard to read because your web page is too wide to fit on my computer. I can't read the text without going back and forth with the slider button or copying it to another window. Why not just tailor your text a bit narrower so us peons? Also over the years I have become knee-jerk suspicious of tracts and literature with misspellings and bad grammar, of which you have two on your home page. I'll study some more when I can go to a friend's computer with a wider screen as I'm afraid I can't help you on my computer as it's too much trouble to read your site. Just read the next line about my message "appearing" Please do not publish this. Am only giving you a heads-up to help. Please send me a copy of this message manually as your site does not offer to do so automatically. Thnx.

I am so excited for you! Congratulations on such an accomplishment. May it be blessed and be a blessing in all ways to come! Be Blessed and Prosper! :-)
Marie Wactor

Don - Congrats on starting up your own publishing company. Hope all goes well and you are able to get some wonderful materials to add to the line when you are ready to take submissions. This first book for the company sounds like a great read.

I would love to win Donald's latest book! Read "All the Voices of the Wind" and found his writing enjoyable and thought-provoking :-)
Laurie Graham

Many blessings in your writing and publishing venture!
Lisa Buffaloe

Thanks for the news of your new website and company.
Lyle Rorvik

From a imagining from deep beyond understanding.From author to now a publishing Company.Illusions ignored,ahead is the hard work to come.Of course everything would be all right. You will know what to do.The joy and happiness will fallow soon. Iam very happy for you.Best of Luck.Jack Sorenson
Jack R. Sorenson

Hi! I was really excited to hear about this new Christian publishing company! I can't wait to see what good books will come out of this! God Bless!
Stephanie Ruberg

Don, Blessings and thanks for sharing all of this and your heart for God and His Kingdom to be advanced. Your are a true Saint and I pray the Lord will pour out his favor and blessings upon you. For His Glory alone, Steve :)
Steve Capatch

Yay!! I am so thankful God led you to take this giant step of faith. I'm sure He will greatly bless your efforts as you glorify Him.
Kristi Neace

Wonderful! I pray God's richest blessings on your endeavor. When I befriended you at Shoutlife on behalf of our church's page, for which I'm administrator, I wondered whether it was you when I noticed the location. I'm glad it is. May the Lord use this endeavor to His glory until He snatches out the church!
Hope Chastain

I LOVE your logo! Have you thought about publishing Bible studies? I have one that I'm shopping...
Stacey Dale

I just read the purpose of your new publishing company and I pray that it will bring God all the glory. May the Spirit guide you as to what authors to accept. It will be exciting to see where the Lord takes you and the company. To God be the glory.

Congratulations on a well-designed site and on your publishing. May you flourish.
Eric Johnson

My friend sent me the information on your new web site, and I am really excited to learn more. It sounds incredible, and way past it's time to be started. Thanks so much
Helen Boyer

Congratulation for the launch of a vitally important mission! May you carry His love and glory to the ends of the earth via this medium of enlightening lterature. In His service, Rev. Angelika.
Rev. Angelika Regina Heimann

The website looks great. I wish you all the best!
David Meigs

As a writer living in the Northwest.. I welcome a new publisher with your specific goals. May God bless your work and the work of the authors you will present to the reading public
Joy Hunt

Congratulations on your Grand Opening! I pray that God will bless this new venture.
Wilma Steiner

I'm so impressed with this idea of a publishing company that will adhere to Christian principles. Satan is pushing awfully hard to tear us away from good books and other Christ-like forms of entertainment. Thank you and best wishes in your endeavors. Don, best of luck with your book, and those in the future that I know will edify. Renie
Irene Gardner

Hi Don! I am so excited to hear this wonderful news. I know great things await. I cannot wait to see this new endeavor grow and thrive! Thanks for letting me know, Robin Shope
Robin Shope

wow, Reforming the Potter's Clay sounds like a great book!! I'm looking forward to hearing about more books that you publish!

Congratulations on your new ventyre! Prayers and blessings for great success!
Cyndy Salzmann

Hi FB friend...great site...I would come to the grand opening tonight but I am here in So Calif so that won't work...LOL God bless you in this endeavor....
Susan Singbusch

Thank you for publishing books that are clean and of a Godly nature. Before I got saved I was into romance novels the horrible kind. After I got saved I feared I'd never get to read another novel. Then I find out about Christian romance and thriller authors I didn't even think there was such a thing. It's just amazing. I can read good clean novels and don't need a cleansing when I'm done. Thanks! I would love to read this book too. God Bless you.
Kereen Barracks

Hello, it's a pleasure to know that you exist simply to glorify God in publishing books written by Christians. For a while I had problems getting rid of my worldly romance novels because I thought that once I become a Christian I could never read a novel again, but now I find that I can read and these are clean and are written about believers, it's simply amazing! so Thank you. I would love to read this book too.
Kereen Barracks

Congratulations on the birth of Sword of the Spirit Publishing and The Potter's Clay. Looking forward to hearing more and reading the book. Love the website by the way, the logo is fantastic! Blessings Lee
Lee Franklin

Sounds like it will be interesting to see what else this publishing company will come out with in future days.

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