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Keith Foster is the epitome of a deprived child. His only interface with a world of compassion and hope, besides his abused mother, comes through the works of fiction writers. When at the age of sixteen Keith physically intervenes during a not infrequent bout of spousal violence, even that flimsy support structure crashes. Keith finds himself on the street. It doesn't take him long to discover the world at large is not much more hospitable than his father. He does land a job with a shady character who raises and trains fighting dogs and hosts illegal dog fights on his property. Carrying out the duties of that job, Keith ruffles the feathers of two brothers whose wealthy family controls the county. Their mode of revenge sends Keith to the penitentiary for a crime he didn't commit. As the lessons of life continue to batter him, Keith learns that prison is not a sanctuary from the world. He withdraws into himself, using the weight room and fighting lessons to fend off bullies and books from the prison library to preserve his sanity. Keith is given a glimmer of hope when two women invade his isolation to allow him to be part of an experiment involving prisoners and dogs. After taking advantage of his opportunity and being granted parole, Keith plots to close down the dog fighting ring and get revenge upon those who sent him away. His two female cheerleaders try to convince him to seek higher ground to help him preserve his newly found freedom and faith.
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