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Troy Foster's world is shattered when his daughter Tammy moves in with a man who is not her husband. His angst increases as the little girl he nicknamed "Princess" seems to be drifting further and further away from her Christian upbringing. Fortunately Troy doesn't have to face the battle alone as the new love of his life brings emotional support and practical wisdom to help encourage him to fight for his daughter's spiritual welfare. Debby has no trouble relating to the situation because her two daughters have also taken the path of the prodigal. To add to the stress and frustration of not being able to influence his daughter's life, Troy has to deal with watching the country that he loves gravitate toward depravity and potential violence that is beyond anything ever known in America, including the civil war. He continually arrives at the intellectual conclusion that prayer and trust in God's divine plan are the only answers to all of the problems, but will he ever get that message through to his heart?
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