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Peter Thompson wants to allow his steps in life to be dictated by the Holy Spirit. This quest causes him to take a less than coveted job as a teacher and basketball coach in the middle of the year on a South Dakota reservation. The warm days of Indian summer turn into the harsh reality of a Dakota winter in more ways than one. When Peter gets politically involved concerning a proposed casino on the reservation, he finds out he's not as popular with everyone as he is with some of the females, who find him attractive. However, no woman seems to be able to get to first base with the man who's focused on fulfilling the commission that God gave him to usher in the reign of the Holy Spirit on the reservation. With no allies and plenty of enemies encamped about him, he patiently attempts to turn the hearts of the natives to the Creator using basketball for leverage. Peter, nicknamed Silver Wind by one of his players, also converts enemies to friends as his girls basketball team conquers their foes on the court in their quest to win the state tournament.
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