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Maria Masterson and Jeremy Dillon are loving, innocent kids whose world is about to be altered drastically. Their decision to engage the culture they live in and battle for truth in the debate concerning the creation of the Universe and mankind, leads them into conflicts in which their adversaries do not always fight by Queensberry rules. A reminder that Christians are to overcome evil with good halts them in their tracks in an attempt to fight back with similar methods. Their only weapon is the Sword of the Spirit of Truth. Their dexterity in the use of this weapon increases as the two are pulled into a battle that they can't win in their own power. This novel exposes some real life dangers that pose a risk to the most innocent among us. Lessons in dealing with adversity, whether common relationship issues, lifestyle choices, or physical and emotional intimidation, abound. This book is fiction but could serve as a primer on how to stand tall in a world that wants any person of faith in their Creator to lay low. Readers will be encouraged to know that they do not stand alone, and there is hope for a happy ending. This book presents intellectual and moral handholds and toeholds for those who are not afraid to do some spiritual rock climbing. For those who were not aware of the state of the universe, a whole new world will open up.
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Jeremy and Maria are young lovers intertwined in the arms of fate. Recent high school graduates, they soon marry and start a new life together at the University of Nebraska, where Maria is a rising track star and Jeremy has a promising future as a member of the baseball team. Making the adjustment to life in the college environment is tough enough for most students, but it’s exponentially harder for Jeremy and Maria, given the entrenched mores and folkways that they soon find themselves infringing upon… Staunch proponents of the concept of Intelligent Design, the newlyweds eventually set themselves directly at odds with the preponderance of campus believers who embrace the Darwinian theory of evolution. Their nemeses are not just relegated to random classmates either, but also extend to high-powered members of the faculty and staff – and even the surrounding social order. Undaunted by the increased opposition that they face, Jeremy and Maria remain steadfast in their determination to shed light on the various inconsistencies scattered throughout their opponents’ arguments, as well as the latent anti- Christian hostility into which society overall has seemingly slipped… All the growing tension sets the stage for a series of nasty battles sure to crush the spirits of the easily intimidated – but Jeremy and Maria are not so easily swayed, and the underestimation of their will and fervor soon proves hazardous to those who seek to silence them… All The Fury Of The Wind takes the reader on a well-balanced, informative trek through the contemporary battle between Creationists & Evolutionists. Donald James Parker does a commendable job of presenting both sides of the ongoing argument in cogent fashion, providing enough detailed information to allow one to reach his or her own intelligent conclusion about the matter at hand. Though Parker is a personally a staunch Christian in clear support of Intelligent Design, his unbiased approach in relating the complexities of the issue is quite edifying, and his powerful insights, as well as his skillful use of humor and gravitas, make for a supremely compelling story. There are many who would complain that the age of religious tolerance has long overextended its stay, and such individuals would be among the first to shun such a seemingly controversial work as All The Fury Of The Wind – but in doing so, those parties – ironically – would deprive themselves of a golden opportunity to gain greater understanding into just why such tolerance is more essential now than ever.
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