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The Morales family is divided with two positive votes for Harry Potter and one against. Only the father's negative ballot is accepted in the election, and HP books are placed on the forbidden reading list. Barbara,a bombshell who has bewitched Mr. Morales, urges him to get a life.The kids complain he is not practicing what he preaches in regard to discovering truth for oneself, so he consents to study the first book with them to search for concrete evidence that Harry is a bad influence. In the meantime, the kids' world gets turned upside down when a new family moves to town and starts a gang, pulling the Morales kids in. This is no ordinary group of troublemakers, though they do encounter trouble at every turn. Adam, the son of Assembly of God pastor, is the leader of the God Squad, who use Holy Spirit power to get them into and out of adventures in a classic duel between magick and miracles.
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Immersed in the cauldron of secular America, burgeoning hormones and peer pressure, eight kids assume the mantle of goodness in author Donald James Parker's, Reforming The Potter's Clay. Guided by an extraordinarily blessed young man, two brother and sister teams join with other young people in their search for a way of life - a way of life that makes charitable sense in a peerage currently worshiping the accumulation of personal power exemplified by author Rowling's Harry Potter. Accompanying his characters in spirit, author Don Parker relates his character's quests for compassionate living with humor, fairness and a clear understanding of the forces at work. Combating human hubris with the acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, through prayer and thanksgiving, Adam Barnet and his sister Tammy, aided by Esperanza and Pedro Morales, challenge the notion that true wisdom is born in the heart of man. Timely and poignant, with a host of recognizable relationships, Reforming The Potter's Clay includes readers in an entertaining, if subject intense, examination of witchcraft's effect on our children and their prospects for happiness in a culture that exalts the individual as criteria absolute. Easily read, and suitable for children of all ages, I heartily recommend Mr. Donald James Parker's most recent book release, Reforming the Potter's Clay.
Dante Longo II

WOW! Reforming the Potters Clay was amazing, it really pulled me, The ending was a little depressing but it just made the book that more realistic. my mom wants to read it now after listening to me talk and talk about it, we have been disscusing some things that happened in the book, it was really fun reading it. oh and guess what! i plan on being a writter as well when i grow up, so its fun to read realistic stories for me, thank you so much!
Makalya Byrnes - Colorado

Once again tackling the tough subjects, in Reforming the Potter's Clay, Donald James Parker takes on Harry Potter and the occult. Are the books as innocent as they seem, or do they pose a darker threat: making magic seem normal and desirable? The Morales family is about to find out. Widower Sal Morales has two children, Pedro and Esperanza, better known as EJ. He also has a girlfriend, divorcee Barbara Nelson, whose two children are friends with his children. Barbara's kids are heavily into the Harry Potter books, and this almost causes a breakup between them. When Sal agrees to read some of the books with his kids to check them out himself, he's opening a door to something strange. Before long, Pedro and EJ discover that Faith and Matthew Nelson, although Christians, are into some occult practices that are putting them in danger. After an evening playing with a Ouija board with their friends, Pedro and EJ feel really weird. When some new people move into the neighborhood, Pedro and EJ make friends with the kids, and start out on a new adventure. Adam and his sister Tammy, Chung, and some of the other kids start a "God Squad," to try to witness to their friends. In the meantime, strange things keep happening, and, as the school year starts, life in middle school becomes a real challenge. Reforming the Potter's Clay is a challenging but fun look at the world of the occult that is blossoming around us. Parker's witty repartee in no way detracts from the message of the book, but it does make it interesting. You'll find magic and miracles in this book, with the attendant dangers brought to light in an engaging story. All the way through, the love, power and majesty of God are shown to be far surpassing any paltry magical powers a human can try to access. Reading this book may not change your life, but it may help you to change the lives of others. A recommended read, especially if you have ever read Harry Potter, the Golden Compass, or other anti-God fiction.
Hope Chastain - Arkansas

Reforming the Potter's Clay is not your standard book. Nor is it what some classify as “Christian Writing.” No, that would not be doing it justice, for although the story is built around a family who happens to believe in God, the overall message of the book transcends any particular dogma or singular world view. Rather, it is the universal message told over and over again, albeit in a contemporary and well written story. That universal message is one of inner strength and eternal faith.

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Peter Jones, PhD - Colorado

In a youth culture bewitched by Harry Potter, Donald James Parker's Reforming the Potter's Clay is a timely YA novel that wields some powerful magic of its own. The story begins when widower Salvatore Morales, a Christian dad leery of the occult, refuses to allow his 14-year-old son Pedro and 12-year-old daughter EJ read Harry Potter. But when the woman Sal is dating turns out to be an extreme Harry Potter fan, Pedro and EJ convince him to discover the truth for himself by reading the book with them. Thus begins an intriguing journey into the spiritual realm where Pedro and EJ, along with six other friends known as "The God Squad," encounter the reality of good versus evil on the streets of Anywhere, U.S.A. I absolutely loved this book. I do not generally read YA, but Donald James Parker has written a compelling novel that not only deals with the difficult issues of the occult in today's pop culture, but does so in a manner that mesmerizes and entertains, revealing key spiritual truths that are vital to today's youth. A powerful must-read for the YA market, their parents and beyond.
Julie Lessman - author of rhe Daughters of Boston series

Esperanza (sometimes called EJ) and her brother Pedro Morales were hanging out at their friend's house. Faith and her brother, Matthew Nelson. EJ and Pedro's father Salvador and Faith and Matthew's mother Barbara really like each other a lot. Salvador wants to see Barbara again unfortunately this match may not work. Barbara and Sal are both Christians but when Barbara tells Sal that she has plans to take her children on Saturday to get the new Harry Potter book, Sal gets upset with Barbara. Sal asks Barbara why she would do that when as Christians the bible warns against pursuing witchcraft and devils. So EJ, Pedro and their dad Sal decide to check out the Harry Potter books to see exactly what they all are about and why their pastor has warned them against reading them. While driving home the Morales' spot a new family moving into the neighborhood. They stop and introduce themselves. The family has a daughter named Tamela, her brother Adam and her dad Frank Barnet. The Barnet's are Christians too. During one of the visits to the Nelson's, Pedro and EJ are introduced for the first time to a Oujai board. Pedro and EJ decide not to tell their father about it but they do feel awful about trying the Oujai board out. They decide to tell Tammy and Adam about it. Adam and Tammy want to help teach Pedro and EJ about the evils in the world that surround us and how to not be catch up in them. Tammy and Adam have the gift of faith and helping to spread the word of the Lord. Adam every one in a while feels the Lord directing him to someone in need. Adam, Tammy, Pedro, and EJ follow Adam throughout the neighborhood helping. The group comes across two other kids named Timmy and Chung who want in too. The group decides to call themselves the God Squad. From then on their mission is to help other kids learn about God. Every morning before they head into school they pray around the flagpole but Mr. Dawson, one of the teachers wants to break up this group. I really enjoyed Mr. Parker's use of the inserting scriptures from the Bible as reference throughout the book. Also, I thought Adam and Tammy were great in the fact that they were teaching the rest of the kids more about God and the word. It goes to show you that it does not matter who you are or what age you can always help by being one of the Lord's shepards. There are plenty of opportunities everywhere to counsel people if you are just willing to take a moment to look and listen. I loved when the children were facing adversities that they never gave up their strong beliefs in God, even when teachers were telling them they could get in trouble for praying or when other kids might think the God Squad was uncool or weird. Don't get me wrong that all Christians are perfect as we aren't but you do have to be open in saying Jesus I have done wrong and I need your help. We all need help as humans, we just need to choose the right ways and places to seek that help. Like the Bible says "He who has not sinned, cast the first stone". I want to thank Mr. Parker for writing these types of books and not being afraid to share the word through them. God Bless.
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